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How to Measure an Item for Online NZ Couriers

Ensure each item to be sent to an NZ couriers for delivery is measured INCLUDING packaging.

To ensure that you get the best price for your item you want to courier in NZ, please use these steps to correctly measure your item:

box1_215 box2_202
A = Height
B = Width
C = Length
A = Diameter
C = Length

  1. Take each measurement in centimeters. Our NZ couriers service quote form will calculate the measurements and record the number that we need once you enter in the numbers.
  2. Either weigh or estimate the weight of the item and select the closest weight to your item in the drop down menu
  3. Once you confirm your booking be sure to advise us of any special requirements for your item. If you have any further questions about measuring or sending your item with Courier Connect please contact us today.


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