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Shipmytrade is an online company and as such our operators are busy online and answers to your questions are best sent by email at

Phone calls are answered, whenever possible. However If not, please leave a message regarding your query and one of our operators will look into the query and we will return with a reply (normally by email so that we have a paper record). Please remember to include the reference number about your query and email address (please spell your email address out clearly).

SAVE TIME & MONEY: Email your query to

QUOTES: The easiest way to obtain a quote is to use our online quote forms. We cannot provide an accurate quote, or even an estimate, over the phone. The permutations that are required to create a quote is impossible to do over the phone.

If you prefer to phone and leave a message requesting a quote, please ensure you leave all of the following details to enable a quote to be generated. (Please note: Any quote with a rural collection or delivery must be done through our online quote forms only and not via phone)

Collection suburb/city:
Delivery suburb/city:
Item Width: (in Cm)
Item Height: (in Cm)
Item Length: (in Cm)
Item Weight: (in Kg)
Description of item:
Your email address: (This is important, as all quotes must be given in writing. Please spell you email address slowly and clearly)
Your phone number: (Please include std. We use this number in case we get anything wrong from your message)

TIP: Write all of these details out first, before you phone. Speak clearly and slowly so that our operators can understand all details.


For URGENT enquiries during Office Hours:

Phone: 04 526 8120 

Office Hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 12.00pm Saturdays.


Emails sent to are answered up to 10pm most days.

The majority of our online quote forms are instantly quoted by return email.


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